Price perception (or should I say deception)

One is bound to spend quite a bit of time pondering over prices (especially if you work in marketing). If you want to know whether Virgin flight to San Francisco on September 19th is cheaper than BA it’s easy to look it up, but when it comes to Tesco’s vs. Sainsbury’s, Orange vs. O2 or Avis vs. Hertz – who knows. There are people in these companies who get paid to make sure their customers don’t understand how much exactly they are paying. And then we’re left to make educated guesses about price points.

Found myself hiring an Europcar hire car the other day and reasoning to myself and friends: well, Europcar always have the longest waiting time to get the car and their service is shit, therefore it must be the cheapest.

Btw, went to Cotswolds and Wales, Taavet snapped photos, my notes coming to an Eesti Ekspress near you soon.

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