Spammers gone crazy

The amount of blog comment spam has increased lately. Which is no big news but spammers seem to have gone bonkers. In the good old days they just wanted you to buy Viagra, Cialis and such. Now they want to populate this honest blog with pure insanity. Like this one:

Hi guys. Fresh clean sheets are one of life’s small joys. Help me! Please help find sites for: Magazine there is attempt on yet how generous variety is taken through earth.. I found only this – (link to a site that doesn’t exist). Diaper bag accessories, as the credit crushed during the poisonous example, bit built alongside. she could n’t grind the team on her cloth, or donate it against a smoke where the example could stay her while she completed businesses or patients. Thanks :o. Tovi from Faso.

Or how about:

Good evening. Things are only impossible until they’re not. Help me! Need information about: Of stable, falling conventional samples will ignore network use as instantly.. I found only this – (link to another site that doesn’t exist). Rodeo is exposed up to get her submarines with megan. In the urethra collection motility use rags and dumps became transactions were biological. Thanks :rolleyes:. Kane from Bahrain.

Surely they’re not making any money out of this if the content is meaningless and links broken. This means they’re doing this for fun. Mad, mad world.

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