My polarizing reading habits

Lately I’ve been spending time on Twitter almost every day and I’ve been reading and listening many good books. Good old books are still best for getting in-depth knowledge about a topic or letting yourself be carried away by someone’s raw writing talent. Twitter takes care of news, new ideas, information about anything and everything online, and killing time whenever you have that odd moment.

What I’ve done a lot less is reading newspapers and magazines. I might still buy National Geographic, The Economist or Eesti Ekspress before boarding a flight, and flick through the free stuff they hand out on planes and tube stations but there is no room for these genres in my everyday routines. And it’s not about the paper. I’ve also cut down on blogs (which explains why I haven’t bothered refreshing this remote corner of cyberspace). This middle ground is somehow just not very useful. If something is a flash in the pan it will get its 15 nanosecond of Twitter fame to inform or amuse us and die. If something is important there will be a book.

Of course, most tweets link to blog posts and articles. But it’s these individual bits of information I am interested in, not the media company or blogger behind them. So an article has to have a certain amount of Twitter gravity to get read by me and people like me. That’s very different from having certain brand attributes or prettiness of layout.

So yes, books and Twitter, Twitter and books. Might share a few book tips in the next post.

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