The First Blog Post in English (very important!)

Everyone knows the importance of first impression. Nothing you will do later will have quite the same impact. As someone who just started blogging in English about travelling, business ideas, marketing, kiteboarding and such I should put extra effort in making the first real English post a hit. How ironic then that my first real English blog post is about something as random as … buying a lemon tree.
Doesn’t it look nice though? If you had just discovered a flower market literally 200 meters from your house you’d do exactly the same. The guy that sold it to me said it needs very little care. It can be out on the balcony all year, there will be blossoms in May and fresh lemons in the autumn. Fertilizing with nitrogen-rich substances wouldn’t harm, but is not a must. Perfect for someone like me whose previous attempts to have some green around in the house have not had very happy endings. Not for the plants at least. And I quite liked the ones that looked like Einstein’s hair and I really did try to keep them alive.
So now I have lemons growing on my balcony, I also happen to have salt. It’s just the tequila that’s missing.

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