Let there be English

Change is good. And this is not the only reason why I’m switching to the most popular language on the planet. (This reminds me someone still owes me something from a related bet. Or do I owe someone? If you’re reading this, give me a shout.) Anyway, let’s see how this goes, perhaps bi-lingual is the way, seikatsu-style. Maintaining two blogs is a definite no-no.
If you‘re want blogs written exclusively in beautiful Estonian (I like them too), try Ants Klots, Jaanuse asjad, Jänese urg, Katariina, Linnar, Martin, Pixelpost, Stellaris, Teller, Zilmer (Later addition: that’s in English as Teller correctly pointed out) or one of the many other lovely weblogs out there. English, here I come.
PS. If Murphy’s laws still stand, I’m sure there’s a nasty typo or grammar faux pas here somewhere.