Career move

I’m going into language teaching. Yeah. Not permanently though, the first attempt should last no more than half an hour. In an email I sent my English-speaking workmates that frequently deal with Estonians I promised to teach:

  • Using polite phrases like Hi, Thank you and You look great today
  • Using useful phrases like Sorry, there has been another change in the spec and Can I get a receipt for that order of 12 sambucas
  • Phrases that get you out of trouble – at work, in the bar or elsewhere
  • Phrases that get you back into trouble
  • Why saying 12 kuud stopped being funny in May 2005
  • … All that in one lesson. So far 21 people have signed up so I better get my act together. Help welcome! What are the new Estonian expressions like Tehtud! that every foreigner should know? If you’re an English speaker – what words and expressions would you like to learn?


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