My one and only post about Coca Cola

coke.pngI’ve always despised and admired people that market Coca Cola. On the one hand they are full of hot air for even drawing a million brand wheels, moodboards, emotional needs maps and whatnot doesn’t change the fact that their distribution and sales teams do all the hard work. It’s the exclusivity deals with McDonald’s and Tescos of the world that make up most of the 55 billion dollar brand value as far as I’m concerned. Then again they do very effective promotions you see everywhere from your local bar to third world petrol stations. And they’ve managed to keep the brand alive through all these years. Coke is like Shrek the movie that everyone sort of likes but very few people are true fans of.
All that said I like the new can design. Nice, simple, back to the roots. It has probably been around for ages, but as a very light Coke drinker I only noticed it a few weeks ago. Well done, Coke, you can have a cookie now.

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