YCE Awards experience (In short: it was awesome)

I’ve just gotten back from London where I took part in YCE Media week. British Council had flown 17 young creative entrepreneurs* (hence the YCE acronym) from around the world to London – to network, get to know the UK and have a bit of fun in the process.

The group consisted of people either in film or interactive field. We had film makers, shoe designers, studio owners, web startup hustlers like yours truly (I was there representing Achoo), event organisers and more. Geography wise there were people from Indonesia to Colombia, from Ghana to Russia.

On the photo: Bassem from Egypt dancing with a 3D algorithmic being (the invisible one just next to Bassem) at Inition. Both busted some good moves.

The program was as diverse as our group. We visited startup hubs like The HUB Westminster and Seedcamp, companies like Mind Candy (maker of Moshi Monsters) and Inition (who do 3D wizardry. In medieval times this team would have burnt on stake, no questions asked) and agencies like Mother and Poke. On two days we were taken to Power to the Pixel festival and, last but not least, the MiniBar team put together a special event with us 17 giving pitches to the local scene. Lion’s share of the activities were with the whole group, but some days film folks were split from us geeks, visiting people at organisations like BAFTA.

As you might imagine, this resulted in many a good conversations, friendships, contacts made and beers had. I got a look on London from a new angle but most importantly each of us met people we would otherwise have not met.

Quadruple thanks to British Council for organising and letting yours truly be part of this! And dear reader, if you ever happen to stumble upon an opportunity to apply to YCE awards, take it!

* Clear discrimination against old unimaginative salarymen, but such is life.

Photo by British Council, more here

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