No more wonderwall

Greetings from San Francisco, a place where surf and burritos are good and Silicon Valley is near. In all this haste there’s a bit of bad news I haven’t told you. Just before I left London I saw that the Red Lion pub near my old flat has sold out and they’ve taken the wonder out of the wonderwall. [Sigh]. This is what the damn thing looks now:

As a nod to the glorious past of this pub wall here’s its colorful history as seen by yours truly. Back in February 2008 I saw a few people messing with a poster I quite liked.
What I saw the next day was even more likeable.
Then, a couple of months later there was this instead.
Sweet, this keeps getting better and better, I thought and now I was already looking forward to the next piece of street art. April last year brought us this.
As soon as a month later there was a new street marvel to be marvelled. Little did I know it was the last one.
Enjoy your meals at the Red Lion! (There’s little else to enjoy there now).

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