How I became jobless

Easy. I took a piece of paper and wrote on it that I wanted to resign. After a almost four and a half years at Skype I felt it was time to move on. Thanks to Sten Tamkivi, Jonas Kjellberg, Nicola Riordan, Shervin Moghaddam and Simon Longbottom for their support, inspiration, fine advice and, at times, patience.
Next up is working with two great startups. Erply has been called the Skype of business software by TechCrunch. I like the ambitious goals of Kristjan and team and am looking forward to adding my contribution to reaching them. Then, who knows, maybe in a couple of years Skype will be called the Erply of internet communications;)
I am also teaming up with Jüri Kaljundi and the Nagi crew to build a little something that makes recruiting good people simpler. More on that soon.


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