The days are long but the years are short

A little more than three years ago, on the last day of 2006 I sat down for twenty minutes and wrote down what I liked about the year, what I thought could have been better and what were my goals or plans for the next year. I’ve done the same ever since either on the last or first day of the year and even with just a couple of years of doing that behind my belt am finding this incredibly valuable. This allows me to get into a time machine and ride into the thoughts of yours truly last year, or the year before, or the one before that. A great way to see how you’ve changed and remind you of the things you think or thought are important.

I’ve written many of my goals down as public (new year’s) resolutions which has become incredibly easy after the launch of Pledgehammer. I’m glad to say many of my 2009 goals were successes. I saw six new countries not one (China, Marocco, Andorra, Mexico, Guatemala, Belize), have a new homey home am happy with my sanjuro progress. Professionally I had a healthy balance of hits and misses. I failed miserably on the new kitesurfing tricks front (but learned to wave surf) and Spanish school front (but started learning the language with Rosetta Stone) but hey, no-one’s perfect. Now, you may argue these are not uber-important things but the point is I wanted these things in my life. And there’s research out there that suggests merely making a resolution increases the odds of achieving positive outcome 10-fold, so there you go.

I’ve make pledges on the more important fronts as well, and these I’ve kept to myself. It’s not like making these goals public would increase my motivation to reach them, I want them bad as is. When it comes to progress there definitely was some but not quite the way I had imagined. Lesson learned, all’s well that ends well and many other cliches sum it all up very well. No-one ever said that fulfilling your dreams is easy.

What’s perhaps worthy of mentioning is that I’ve never made financial resolutions. Guess I’m not that hung up on depositing a certain amount of money in my mattress in the same way I’m very particular about seeing new places or practicing the sports I love. I think that’s a good thing.

2010 will see me learn more, kitesurf more and do a little more for the society. Again, I’ve made some of my resolutions (where I might need a little nudge) public and others not.

If there is just one idea you take from this blog this year then be it about the value of ‘annual wishlist inventory check’ or however you want to call it. Many people do it already, some even publicly, for instance see wolli’s here. And I don’t mind if you choose to write it in a small black notebook instead of the said website.

I wish you a truly happy new year!

Update a week later. I realized I haven’t given myself too much of a kick in the butt now. So in addition to everything said above I pledge to get more shit done and diversify my income streams, this year and by the end of this year respectively. So if you see me just pottering around some time this year, or not doing anything about the number of different income streams, please poke me with a stick.

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