Notes from Marketing Tailormade seminar

Today I attended Marketing Tailormade, a seminar where you can choose your own program depending on your interests and needs. I love the idea and warmly recommend attending, despite one of the sessions being an absolute waste of time today (you can just pick another session if this happens, capisce?)

Random ideabytes aka notes to self:

  • Sta Travel: widgets such as Travel countdown clock, travel check list and weather widget are highly successful. Also, their RSS-feeds drive 10% of traffic to their website.
  • Ticketmaster: Content for their weekly newsletter is highly dynamic, their 6M subscribers may actually get 6M different creatives, past transaction history is the best basis for segmentation.
  • Argos: Reviews are one of the most powerful campaigns so far – users are encouraged to review a product about 10 days post purchase, information is used on site in different ways. (This ties very well with this article). Also, 80% of email revenues are coming from a relatively small number of email recipients. Does this call for email activity segmentation on top of normal segmentation?
  • John Lewis: Using RFM model for segmentation as does Ticketmaster. About to roll out programs for loyal users to reward desider behavious ie. premium shipping after purchase vs. industry norm of giving incentives to dormant users to become active again.
  • Follow-up program performing very well – sending an email to users that click through to a section on the site that don’t purchase immediately. For many categories consideration cycle is several days and one can’t expect same-session purchase.
  • Tests for skin cream category to send emails when a user has likely run out of product. Optimal follow-up time is 4 months. This is different by product and can easily be identified by testing.
  • Pure: Replies to newsletters are usually ignored if not neglected. However, this is a natural way for users to engage with email. Are marketers missing opportunities to get feedback as well as upsell?
  • Do I sound like a bloody marketer?

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