Want Tartu Entertainment?

This text ad is fresh off my Gmail account. It left me somewhat confused. Targeting works – I’m in UK and probably have quite many Estonia-related emails in my mailbox. But what’s Tartu Entertainment? And what does Visit Online! really add? That I should visit the country online, not in person?
Visit Estonia folks, if you ever read this and wonder who was the one person that clicked on that ad, it was me.

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  1. rene

    Odd enough, indeed. “Tartu entertainment” must be an all new sexual exercise, probably related to Tantra entertainment.
    But hey: Visiting a country online? That sounds like a bloody good idea. I mean, visit it only far beyond tourism website videos and photos. Make the place walkable, explorable. A kind of Second Life, but as a representation of a real country.
    Sure, your average ministry employee will answer with “Oh, but then people won’t visit the real country!”
    But that’s not true.
    Let’s get it done, shall we?

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