So, this is what I do for living

Have you ever struggled explaining your grandparents what you do for living?
– So, what do you do for work?
– I work in marketing
– Well, yes, but what do you do?
– I sort of get in in the morning, open my computer, read what other people have written me and write back, talk to people, attend a few meetings and then go home.
– But what do you do for work?

That thing. And this is not even trying to explain what user journey marketing is. Even most of my friends need a lengthy explanation, or just give up. How lucky I am then that at least for some time I can actually explain what I do. Meet Skype’s new subscriptions.
It was pure bliss to work with incredibly smart and fast working people on messaging and promotion of these. Even better, people seem to like the product. It helps to talk about the weather (or what the dog ate for breakfast) in grater detail than has ever been possible before for millions of people around the world that still like their landlines. How nice is that!
I am looking forward to the next conversation with my grandparents.

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