This blog has a new home

As you might have already noticed, my blog is now here at Also, it now finally runs on WordPress because MT stopped cutting it about 4 or 5 years ago. RSS feed remains the same and includes add-ons like my Flickr feed and the hip quotes I post on Other people’s thoughts. If you don’t like to see my photos (I don’t blame you), you can get the normal feed from the corner of the address bar. I guess that covers the housekeeping stuff. Shoutout to Jens who helped with the move.

One thing I absolutely love about the blog move is that it brought old post drafts to surface. I just stumbled upon a draft from 2007 called “Everything I’ve learned from marketing in 10 years”. It’s totally worth translating to English and posting here as the first proper new post, to showcase both the wisdom and the naivety I possessed five years ago. Just watch this space.

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