Who on Earth would pay 39 pounds to send someone a pair of knickers?

Lots of people, we hope. Here’s what happened:

Kriss Soonik is a London-based lingerie and loungerie designer, and a good friend. Last year around the Valentine’s day she noticed that many people chose a different delivery address when buying knickers from her online store. It’s cute to send knickers via mail, she thought. If this was a service one would call it KnickerMail. She registered the domain and filed this idea under the label ‘One day’ in her mental cabinet.

That day arrived a couple of months later when yours truly had quit his job at Skype with a view to create cool startups. I could watch pictures of girls in sexy lingerie and call it work, I thought and teamed up with Kriss to take care of the web and marketing side of the site.

So please welcome and be gentle to KnickerMail. It won’t cure malaria or become the next semi-semantic communications platform for the Y-generation but it’s a rather sexy way to say hello, wouldn’t you agree?

For some reason my friendly neighbourhood blogging engine doesn’t allow adding images to this post. Maybe it thinks it’s too raunchy for readers of this blog, which it is not. So go see for yourself, or even better, try sending KnickerMail. Next up: a post describing the bootstrapping money-saving crowd-sourcing approach of creating the site.

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