Dinner conversation gone horribly philosophic

Had a truly enjoyable dinner conversation with a friend this Sunday evening. You know the kind where you start from random trivia but somehow make your way to the very important topics in life. We started from snowboarding destinations, made our way to the economy (as you do these days) and then ended up defining the pillars that support the sanity of a man past his 65th birthday. Four things are worth being written down here as notes to self and as my endevour to win the title of The Most Random Blog Post of 2009:

  • Defining yourself in more than one way. It’s great if you love your work but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pursue additional ‘careers’ – academic, relating to a hobby, playing a role in society; whatever makes you tick.
  • Having kids.
  • Staying physically active. Just look at our fathers. My father can still probably beat me in rollerblading and his father has been featured on posters of Tartu cross-country skiing marathon. Say no more.
  • .

  • Continuing to learn new things. My 82 year-old grandfather is regularly improving his vocabulary in English (a language he never learned at school) and can use Skype better than most people. It’s only a matter of time he posts his first tongue-in-cheek comment here.
  • Let’s see in about 40 years whether we were right or not.

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