In 2008 I travelled at the speed of a butterfly

Dopplr is a nifty little web tool that helps you bump into people that travel a lot. I’ve added it to my profile, too (mind the photo). Dopplr just sent me my annual travel report. It says: You took 21 trips in 2008, which added up to 76,089 km or 20% of the distance to the moon. You spent 116 days travelling. I was surprised at this relatively large number, even with Tallinn, which almost doesn’t count as travelling, being my number one destination. And what’s funny – my personal velocity for 2008 was 8.68 km/h, which is about the same as a butterfly.
A few ideas sprang to mind

  • I’m feeling I’m bi-domiciled now. Or bi-homeless, whichever way to look at it. I feel at home both in London and in Estonia. Boarding the familiar blueish aircraft which is familiarly late is like stepping from living room into my bedroom.
  • Ma carbon footprint calculated by Dopplr is almost as much as leaving a Hummer running for a year. What are my best options to set it off? And if I mostly travel for work, should I expense it accordingly?
  • If we’re not yet connected on Dopplr please share your trips with me.
  • I updated this post a day later. Note to self: writing stuff down in a hurry can miss the point of writing.

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