Always go for the better anecdote

Was chatting to comedian Danny Buckler today, after a great Komeediklubi show last night. He told a story from about eight years ago. He and Russell Brand were sitting in a comedy club, waiting to go on stage. Danny had had a few drinks and Mr Brand, far from being the superstar he is today, was fresh out of rehab and a bit shaky.

They were having a nice relaxed chat when both saw a true hottie sitting in the audience. Danny brought up a new subject: See that girl there? Just look at her face! Look at these [insert name of a then famous actress] face lines! I could never be with someone like her. Russel went quiet. Then almost shouted back: What the f#*c did you just say? This is nonsense! You should always go with the better anecdote!

Anyone can say things like I could never be with that girl. It’s super easy to say, as most of us know too well. The better anecdote in this instance would have meant leaping into the audience, saying something silly, rushing out to get a bouquet of flowers and proposing to her – whatever. The worst possible result would have been not being with the hottie and having a better anecdote. Better case scenario – yup, you guessed it.

And yes, this does apply to almost everything in life.

I’ve always thought Russel Brand is a bit of a cunt. Today I realized there’s also some Kant about him. Pun intended, thankyouverymuch.

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