What we did in the garage

A lot has been said about Garage48 (including my own summary over at Skype’s Estonian blog), so there is no need to waste many more pixels and bytes on it. In summary the thing I enjoyed the most was the mindset to get stuff done fast. It takes 10 minutes to tweak functionality and no more than 10 second to change copy on the live front page. From a certain size on you can’t maintain that pace without yourself of your users going crazy but it was fun. Yup, sitting on the floor or windowless meeting room for most of the weekend with mostly guys, and drinking industrial quantities of notably bad coffee was fun.

Our team launched Talepath – a service that connects books and movies to real-life places. Feel free to take a peak but as we’re continuing to work on it please don’t bother adding your faves just yet. Wait for further announcements here or on our Facebook page.

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