I don’t read. I listen.

I love Audible ever since I signed up a few months back. (Btw this is a very special link; if you click it and sign up I will earn Audible credits. So if you don’t click and sign up there will be no audiobooks for me to eat or warm my house in the winter.)
But I would write about Audible even if I didn’t earn any goodies. I’d probably write even longer as now this may appear as shameless paid advertisement which it is not.
Audible is an awesome service, you see. If there was no Audible I wouldn’t know the age of the Earth. Not that I care too much about the age of the Earth but I’m a curious person and like to know how things have come to be and how they work. But as much as I would have loved to read a book such as Short History of Nearly Everything I know that I would not have done that in a sensible time. It’s kind of too heavy material for holidays or bed time reading. And at times when my brain is alert for facts and concepts of different sorts I’m either working, writing or reading online which would have left very little time for reading that book. So I never bought it.
Enter Audible. (Same affiliate link, again in case you didn’t click before.) Since signing up a few months ago I’ve listened through most of the Short History, started a book about pre-Enlightenment philosophy and gotten a third-way through one of Seth Godin’s books. I’ve had the latter for a year already but due to my no-time-for-serious-reading syndrome had only read the first 30 pages or so.
To my great surprise it is much easier to read that kind of stuff with my ears. Or in other words, listen to it. I hope this recommendation will not land on deaf ears, quite literally.

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