Travel report

In the last month I’ve ticked two names off my would-be-nice-to-see-some-day travel destinations: Scotland and Ibiza. You’d think they are diametrically different but there are quite a few similarities. Mountains, beautiful nature and lots of not-so-wanted Brits around. Contrary to my prejudice Ibiza can be a nice chillaxing place. My two cents on that island:

  • Stay away from the concrete jungle that is called party town San Antonio.
  • Rent a scooter or a car and check out the more remote beaches. A yacht if you can. (We couldn’t)
  • Go dine at Bambuddha Grove. Don’t let the own-brand clothing line store and embedded sex shop fool you – the food as well as the ambiance are very nice.
  • P8030404.jpg
    More on Scotland soon, the travel journal is already with Eesti Ekspress and a team of twenty linguists are busy translating it into English.
    And you just gotta love Ryanair, even with their website looking butt ugly and pricing policy as transparent as a tin coffin filled with mud. This week they’re selling tickets at ridiculous prices. A return ticket to Dublin or Newquay, Cornwall costs 10 pounds, including taxes and such. That’s so little I got tickets for both for the same weekend. If the surf is good I’m off to Cornwall. If not then the capital of Ireland it is.

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