The gadget post

Sorry for this misleading title. This post is not about showing off my latest purchase but the lack of a suitable gadget. I’ve been looking for a suitable replacement for my Sony Ericsson w810i for quite some time now. It still works, but the surface has lost so much of its former glory due to intense use that sometimes small children start to cry when I take my phone out in a public place. Also, I’ve had enough of carrying around a Blackberry for the occasions I want to read email on the go (that’s most days). And because I still use my Estonian number when I’m in that glorious country I’ve learned to hate the process of changing SIM cards more and more.
So here’s my spec – something that can handle email, two SIM cards and the easy task of not looking like a diesel engine. Touch screens, video and the rest would be nice extras but they wouldn’t solve my tiny problems. Surely there’s a phone like that out there, I though. How wrong I was.
Because the big boys need to play nice with the mobile operators only second and eighteenth tier companies offer dual sim phones. There is one Samsung model available, true, but I would rather do email with one of their vacuum cleaners than a keyboard that tiny. Most of the other dual sim phones out there list polyphonic ringtones quite high on their feature list which is a good illustration of what useless crap these are. And some of them require a magic stick or pen or whatever that thing is to use. I mean, we live in the era or space travel and nanobots. You shouldn’t need a ghost of a pen to send an SMS. I refuse to link to these … objects from this blog so you’re going to have to take my word for it.
So here I go, after spending an hour or two on intense research I just added another half an hour to write about that waste of time. All I can do is hope people reading this know more about buying phones than I do. Or at least that they would look at my old phone with a bit more understanding and sympathy, the next time they see me use it.