Luxembourg is (a bit) safer than Estonia

After booking a flight to Luxembourg the paranoia service of the new travel agency strikes again. I am sparing you the details, but still:
There is no specific threat to foreigners traveling to or residing in Luxembourg. The Grand Duchy is a modern country with a stable economy and political system.
Luxembourg has a very low crime rate. Visitors should, nonetheless, take appropriate precautions.
Trafficking of drugs and firearms is illegal and can result in severe punishment.

I consider myself warned. And it is not all rosy:
There are winding roads in the countryside and cyclists or farm vehicles can sometimes impede the movement of traffic. There is also congestion during rush hours in the main cities. Visitors should take extra precautions while driving in high volume commuter and tourist traffic, or during winter fog and snowfalls.
What main cities? Plural? In Luxembourg? I have clearly underestimated the greatness of Esch-sur-Alzette, Dudelange and Differdange (about 20 thousand people each).
And then there’s the condom bit:

  • Prevention: Always use new condoms (preferably brought from your home country), do not share needles, and in hospitals, ensure that needles and syringes are new.

  • Sourcing condoms from your own country is not really an option when you learn about the trip only two days in advance…

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