My kind of street art

So went to see Cans festival yesterday. It’s a collaboration by Banksy and about 40 other stencil artists in an alleyway by Waterloo station.
Now, I don’t want to pretend to know much about that sort of thing. I’ve just always liked good graffiti and hated the bad kind. The notion I got yesterday was that this is as contemporary as contemporary art can get. When still as school I quite liked reading an article or a whole book about a painting we were studying at the time in order to ‘get it’. But this was not by a 17th century Italian artist. These dudes walk the streets I walk (technically) which made this ‘excibition’ extremely enjoyable.
Even my old calculator/phone/camera captured some really cool stuff. I mainly shot weird details as bigger pieces are covered by dozens of guys with huge cameras already. I can’t wait for Taavet to get his stuff out of his cam.

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  1. Kaisa

    Banksy ruulib täiega, olen juba ammu tema fänn, sa oled üks õnnelikest kes tema tööd live’is ka näeb :) ka Berliinis muideks, on nii mõnigi hea graffiti-artist, check my flickr 😉

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